Sunday, March 14

a SSI controversy being ogled

[ANONYMOUS]: i'm on a website my instructor [NAME WITHDRAWN] set up for discussion groups.
[ANONYMOUS]: we're discussing SSI
[ME]: .. i dont have SSI.
[ANONYMOUS] the thread was started by a girl in my class asking why deaf people don't want to be called "disabled" but they don't mind accepting SSI
[ANONYMOUS] so people are giving their views on it
[ME]: oh-
[ME]: ah, SSi is a really sticky topic for me.
[ME]: do you want me to put down my humble opinion or..?
[ANONYMOUS] whatever you want
[ANONYMOUS] give me your feelings and i can post it if it fits
[ME]: .... you said you have a question , what is it?
[ANONYMOUS] or you can post your own
[ANONYMOUS] what do you think about "oppression" "deaf" "SSI" "free money" "taking money from the government" etc
[ANONYMOUS] it is a sticky topic
[ME]: ^__^
[ANONYMOUS] but i think it's interesting
[ME]: allright
[ANONYMOUS] all these hearing people are putting weird ideas
[ME]: I dont think SSI is the best idea out there
[ANONYMOUS] " But for those who just take it because it is there... I just don't feel comfortable with that. Heck.. I don't want my taxes taking them to the mall to buy the new outfit that I can't afford. "
[ME]: I think it is a bad incentive that encourage and brainwash deafies to think that they couldn't accomplish anyting on their own because the hearing have them believing that they cannot suport on their own
[ANONYMOUS] so you agree with the "oppression" idea
[ME]: but...
[ME]: i am applying for SSI anyway
[ME]: so I am a hypocrite
[ANONYMOUS] but what about the rotten education system?
[ANONYMOUS] it's all about making the most of your options
[ANONYMOUS] right?
[ANONYMOUS] assets and liabilities
[ME]: I need the money because I cannot afford to fight with hearing people for a PART TIME while handling a full-time label of a student at university
[ANONYMOUS] it's money you don't have to pay back
[ANONYMOUS] it's just making the most of your options, that's how i see it
[ME]: i think SSI should be compromised in certain senses...
[ME]: nobody is allowed to stay on SSI longer than a certain period
[ME]: that policy would be nice to enforce
[ANONYMOUS] he posted on here saying that if you work you can still earn SSI
[ME]: yes
[ME]: SSDI something
[ME]: But i dont have a job to start with to get a SSDI
[ME]: so therefore I have to get SSI
[ME]: then if I get a job , then i have to take on whole another load of paperwork to transfer my case to SSDI
[ANONYMOUS] also, if you decide you want to save a certain amount from your work paycheck, you can have that deducted and not figured into the amount paid by SSA
[ANONYMOUS] pain in the butt
[ME]: the whole SSI and paperwork are what discourage people to get off and work on their own because it is too much a hassle to proceed
[ME]: so.. that is my humble opinion. [shrugging]
[ME]: that is biased because i know many deafies who are getting on SSI only to get free money for their addictive habits.
[ME]: they are not in colleges or anything like that.
[ME]: what is the point of funding them if they are not making any utilities out of themselves?
[ANONYMOUS] but then again, you can't require someone to improve their mind
[ME]: yes but they could use their common senses-
[ME]: if they don't want to be labelled DISABLED, then DO SOMETHING, DMAMIT!
[ME]: staying on SSI is only putting the deaf people under a bad label of "DIS-abled", literally
[ME]: prehaps you should pass on the web address of the board so I can read people's opinions which provoke me to rave and rant back

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