Sunday, October 3

Updating as Semester Rolls on

I just want to add some visual aids for this blog. ;-)
The first picture came from my trip to New York City with my husband back in April. He kept shooting away many pictures of me talking to him. This one was a good picture-- it shows my natural laugh.
Second one was a doodle I made in my senior year in Madison High. I like that so much but there are many alternations needed if I want it to be accurate especially my apperance today. Redhair, freckles no more, et cetera ;)
Midterms have arrived. Already? Gosh. I still can remember my first day of this semester. I have a killer midterm this Tuesday for my history class. An essay... we have been given four questions that we should know answers to but it is IMPOSSIBLE to memorize the whole answer we manufacture and then repeat our process in class WITH NO BOOK NOR NOTES. I did ace my first test for that class so I need to make another killer grade to keep my GPA afloat.
My philosophy class, oh god. I am totally flunking the class. I do enjoy the book, the dialogues taken in the classes but for SOME reason I am enjoying it too much that I cannot remember the correct information for the exams. Two exams, both Fs. At least it is at Palomar, no effect to my SDSU's gpa.
At least I do have good news-- I will become a junior next semester no matter what. If I fail one class, no worries-- i can take that class again next semester and that would allocat up to my 60 units to obtain the junior standing. I am soooo enthuastic about this. I am moving fast up the ladder. After this fall, only three more semesters and I am done. BA degree. Emphasis in Printmaking/Painting. Glorifying!
I will celebrate a friend's birthday this Saturday by attending a drag club. This should be fun! A good way to release tensions in my midterm week. After this weekend... I do have exams, not midterms, for math... and another class that I cannot recollect at the moment.
I went to a "swing" place (...not SWINGERS, just SWING the music) with friends with hopes to learn how to dance but a friend of a friend was misleading and we ended up being at a social swing club. It created a problem for my husband C and I. Within five minutes in the club, a girl already went after him. He had to give some kind of signal that he wasn't interesting-- by introducing me as his wife. The reaction on the girl was priceless. It appeared as if she was thinking, "OH SHIT, I hit on your husband right in your face!"
It was fun although. Swing is definitly a male-dominated dance. Men lead all the way, period. Poor C, he has no idea how to be such a macho. He is a metrosexual, what do you expect?

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