Monday, December 13

It is over

The semester has finally came to an end. 21 units, 7 classes, all over.
I have two finals tomorrow from 1 to 6 but I am not panicking... maybe I should but nonetheless I am just braving it on.
So far I could have three but more likely two As (at least an A for certain), three Bs and one C's... hopefully I will pass my math final tomorrow to get a C.
Had my birthday last Saturday. Had a party the night before-- totally a BLAST. My birthday with my husband was a fun one indeed. I sure had a fun weekend-- especially before the finals. ;-) The party I mentioned was for four reasons: my birthday, my friend's holiday party (we co-hosted), one-year anniversay and good luck for the finals! 13 folks ended up coming to a two-room apartment (crowded yes but we kept each other warm!). I served a cake that resembled a cat-litter box with the tootsie rolls as cat feces-- totally humorous! Especially with the attendees' facial expressions as I licked one of the tootsie rolls...

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