Wednesday, January 19

Break Dwindling Down The Drain

Argh. I am interning at an outreach program at UCSD's Cancer Center for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and it is all good but I am getting nervous about my completedness as an intern especially with the school coming around the corner. My first day of classes is this Monday with a day long of classes where syllabuses will be explained, questions answered, crashers kneeling to beg the professors...
I will have Art 204 (Painting), Art 410 (Intaligo Printmaking), and WMNST 341b (Women's History in America) from 9am to 6:40pm. Oy vey. I will be bored on campus because I cannot risk to leave the campus in midday and then fight back onto the campus few hours later when the peak of lost and confused students try to drive their cursed way into the parking lots. I will have a lot of time to kill all day until 4pm when my wmnst class will start as a real class (it is an one-time week class so every moment counts). I hope not every computer in a lab is taken because every freshman has no idea where to find the lab. We will see. Prehaps I will post on Monday-- THAT if I do find an available computer!

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