Tuesday, January 4

Spring 2005 Arrived

I lost my website once again. I won't get another one until July to save me money. So pardon for the lack of images on this blog.

I just registrated for my Spring classes yesterday. I will only have 15 units, that is it. That is the lowest I ever have since my first semester at SDSU. I started off 15, then increased to 19, and then 21... and now I am regressed to 15. I will have Women's Studies 341B "History of Women post-1800", General Studies 320, "Gay and Lesiban Issues in Modern World", Geology 101 which is online and should be super-easy, Art 204 "Painting", and Art 410 "Intaligo Printmaking". It will be one interesting and perhaps fun semester. Four courses that will hold my interests so it should be good for me to study for courses I like to learn.

I was planning on a flight to New York City for spring break but money and time-restrictions have delayed my plans until summer time. No worries. At least I can relax and go locally on my break. :-) Maybe camping somewhere in CA or AZ.

Post your spring 2005 courses in feedback and discuss away what you are looking forward for 2005

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