Tuesday, June 28

Estonia / Eesti

Moikka-- at least from Tallinn, Estonia. "Eesti" is how they call their native country. It is south from Finland and west of Russia. Its size almost equals to the size of Vermont and half of New Hampshire. Their language is in the family of Finn-Urgic so the words closely resembled to Finnish but Estonian got more accent marks (õ, û, etc). We took a cruise trip from Helsinki to Tallinn. Tallinn is a mixture of Russian and Finnish, in my opinion. Estonia was liberated in 1917 but was ruled by Russia's Iron Curtain from the late 20s through to World War Two. We saw ruins from March 5 bombing by Soviet Union from 1944. There are some urban and contemporary buildings outside of the fortess that encircled the old town... They are big fans of geometric building-- circle window, triangular balconies, et cetera. Picasso probably would love Tallinn. The Town Hall and centre of Tallinn is a *tourist trap* with teenagers dressed up as medieval people, trying to sell t-shirts with Tallinn logo and as well sell strawberries in a cone. We maintained to avoid eye contact with those devoids. Saw a tattoo parlour-- joked with my husband about starting tattoos from different countries and I can start with Estonia! He smirked and bobbed his head as if it is an intrigured idea.
We stayed in Tallinn from 7:30am to 3:30pm. We did get to everywhere in Old Town of Tallinn so we are resting up our feet in our bus trip back to Pori. More to come!
Hei-hei! (Bye-bye!)

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