Sunday, June 5


I am going to leave on June 14th to Finlandia.
With my mom. With my niece. The most important-- with my husband. It's his first time going to Europe.

We will fly straight from San Diego with a stop over in London (of course) to switch to a smaller plane to Helsinki. The total time for the flight will be approximately 20 hours... given or taken few hours if somebody decides to utter the word "bomb" at an international ariport. You will find out.

I did promise to a friend that I will blog from Finlandia-- so that means I will have to boost up my SIDEKICK 2 to blog via email ... or find a computer and log on! Finding a computer may be bleaky since I will hop from a house to another and I probably will be busy seeing my relatives, introducing my husband, and explaining the culture to my husband, et cetera... I think I will have a higher chance of finding an internet cafe if we stay in Helsinki (the capital-- THE CITY) for a while. Otherwise, I will be in Pori, Tampere, and Hameliina for the majority o the vacation.

I am sort of excited about it. The sights, get away from it all, travellingin the Europe, poshing up, et cetera... but I am SUPER nervous about leaving my cat behind. I have several friends that are promised to take care but it is hard to find somebody stable... Recently I found out that a friend (whose mother lives CLOSE to my house) will be back in town and I KNOW she does have time to take care of my cat and housesit. She will fall for it-- who will say no to a free TV, free food, and places to fuck all over the house? That reminds me-- I will need to put plastic covers on the couch if she decides to take up the offer. (SHe always come around with her boyfriend so there is a gurantee she will bring her bfd to my house. I dont have plms with her boyfriend but both of them may make a mess!)
She said she doubts she will stay in the town long.. (I will be gone for three weeks) but I got 100buckaroos on it that she WILL stay more than three weeks. It is typical of her-- she once said she would only stay for a week-- she ended up staying in town for five months. So yeah-- SHE will stay longer than three weeks.
I will definitely have to set up some rules for her... and teach her how to use the washer and dryer and dishwasher... and show her where the sheets are at so she can tidy up after herself. ;-)

Allright-- enough about the petsitter. I am just freaking out because my cat is my FURBABY. He means the world to me. I will put my cat over my husband in my list of priority (Sorry honey!).

WISH ME LUCK! I got this intersession online course to complete before I fly out. I fly out before my final exam but my professor is nice enough to let me having an INC so when I get back to US, I can take the final exam and receive my final grade. So far I am having an A+ in the class. YAY! I am kicking some butts !
[Doing her victory dance] Yes I do have a victory dance when I do get an A! Goody-two-shoes of me, eh?

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