Sunday, June 5


Found this link via Deaf258's blog (look for the blog of an Arizona deaf)

What the Google has found the dirt on me:

kirsi is a net sister
kirsi is a kindergarten teacher at leppäsilta day
kirsi is tough
kirsi is the artistic director of the istorm children's theatre company
kirsi is a member of three foreign thimble collecting associations
kirsi is an ordained pastor in the church of finland and has served as parish pastor in both finland and the united states
kirsi is a new addition to our reception staff
kirsi is eating nuts
kirsi is a very busy person
kirsi is the responsible for the cards
kirsi is one of the hunted
kirsi is in the states as an ifye
kirsi is on the left
kirsi is coming from her hometown of kingston
kirsi is studying to be a full
kirsi is finnish and studied at byu for several years
kirsi is taking a break for survivor marquesas to actually play
kirsi is keeping her get away party at my place
kirsi is a 22 year old student living in espoo at the moment
kirsi is a ringtail
kirsi is chabnging plates
kirsi is willing to do light housework
kirsi is
kirsi is a physiotherapist and oriental dance teacher from helsinki
kirsi is also a specialist in the locomotor system of dancers and dance teachers and in treating eg stress injuries and traumata
kirsi is 20 years old
kirsi is not in a position to come at all
kirsi is coming to visit this weekend
kirsi is here to visit for the evening
kirsi is working on her doctoral thesis
kirsi is keeping in touch via e
kirsi is considering resignition under heavy criticism of his aggressive fundraising and the relatively small portion of the
kirsi is head of the kitchen
kirsi is signal
kirsi is responsible of our company's account
kirsi is about 150km north of the capital
kirsi is a professor at the lutheran seminary here
kirsi is playing with me 14
kirsi is the newest author to the tights
kirsi is really buckling down
kirsi is going to ingrid's liavata lodge on waya tomorrow
kirsi is yet another bubbly
kirsi is going to brisbane around the end of january
kirsi is gone
kirsi is following pasi
kirsi is ranked 91 and has played for 2h14m in 7 days
kirsi is ranked 65 and has played for 1h30m in 7 days
The bold words are the possibilties references to me. Apparently there are many other "Kirsi"s in the world... most must live in Finland of course...and they speak English! WOW.

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