Thursday, June 23

¤ More of Suomi ¤

Ok-- I have been here for a week and half... C has met most of my immediate kin (uncles, aunts, cousins)... More are to come (second cousins, my mom's unc/aunt and cousins, my cousins' kids, yakyak)... C will have a brain seizure soon as he attempts to remember their names! Finns pronounce C's name to be "Cleef-ton" with a heavy emphasis on "-ton". Interesting.

What I have been done in last week and half: ahh lemme count... First night we spent at my uncle Jouko's home near Hämeliinna where my mother was born. Then we headed to Pori to stay at my uncle Jorma's home (which is our "home base"... Fortunately we don't family-hop... We got too much crap to carry). Third or fourth day we did eat dinner at my aunt Laura's home. C did enjoy my family. Very animated. Laura is a speech therapist for Deaf Finnish children so she taught us some FinSL= Finnish Sign Language. Hopefully I will still remember them when I return to the States! We went to the beach (yes Finlandia got a beach) called Yyteri.. Rolling Stones did stay there (they acted like it was a big deal). We went to the Centre (similar to downtown) of Pori to shop around. My mom and my niece Ky stay at my mummo (Finnish term for grandmother)'s home so sometime we see them or not. Over the weekend, my cousins dropped by.

Saw Tiina (Jorma's daughter), Mikko and Mari, Eero and Lauri and sister Kaisa. Eero and Lauri are amazed by C's height (6'2")... I feel bad for C because as my family said: "he is too high!". Jorma had to remove the ceiling hanging lights from the bedroom we stay in because Clifton's
head kept hitting it! :-X Jorma and his wife Soili are very nice to help us understanding Finnish and giving us directions around Pori.

C and I did go to the Centre by bicycling. We shopped for our grocery (we had to ask other shoppers for Finnish terms for certan food! We thought we cld get by just looking at pictures. We were very wrong!).
Most shops here close around 7pm which sucks. Even the sex shop closes at 7! C said "apparently the pervs don't come out at nighttime in Pori!". The sunset doesn't occur until 11pm. The sunrise is at 2am. Yeppers-- a short night.
We did do some sightseeing-- the windmills, the airport, the lakes, the river, the port, et cetera.
We ate a lot of potatoes (Finn's staple), cheese on rye breads.... C got tired of eating yogurt. I don't. We did get a lot of vegetarian dishes which were great because my concern was that there won't be anything else but meatballs and potatoes! Fortunately Soili made salads or vegetarian pies for us. Yummy!

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