Monday, June 13

My Summer Courses

I didn't post my summer classes so here it is:
May 24 to June 16th @ Palomar College: PSYC125 "Human Sexuality"
June 20th to August 9th (?) @ Palomar College: FASH130 "History of Fashion Costumes"
July 13th to August 23rd(?) @ San Diego State: OCEAN320 "Oceangraphy"

Yes I am aware I will be in Finland for the first two week of my FASH130. It is an online course so it will be fine. :-) I will miss my final exam for PSYC125 but fortunately my professor will give me an "INC" so I can take the final exam when I return and receive a complete grade (let it be an A!). My OCEAN320 will be on-campus so it mandates attendance. I sure will miss the online courses. :-) So much freedom!

My Spring Semester's GPA was 3.14 (total gpa: 3.22).... I got a C in my geology lab class which pulled my GPA down. I got two A's, one B's, one B plus, and one C minus.. argh! C'est la vie.

Adieu! I will make sure to blog from Finland. \m/

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