Wednesday, July 6


What the f*-- I got another class next week? I am already halfway with my FASH130 course (which is very EASY, I'm tellin' you) and I got a curveball from my uni-- I got another class! OCEAN320... It is starting on Wednesday. Don't ask me why it doesn't start on a Monday instead. Hope it will be an easy 8 week course. I don't need crap from courses that don't benefit me in the long run. And yes I am including mathematics in this list of worthless courses.

My fall semester starts on August 29th. I think. I am taking tentatively 17 units.
One of them is a surfing class. Yes. Surfing. Me. SURF! I have been wanted to take up surfing again but... a long childhood of sitting on my dad's surfboard while he maneuvered down the coast doesn't exactly count as surfing for me so I need some training before I go out and claim my waves... and the best part: VR IS PAYING FOR IT! I only will have to pay for my own surfboard. MY OWN SURFBOARD!

I know it is so clique-y to learn surfing (a major reason why I tried to steer clear of it because it had became a "fad") but I was born a surfer. I grew up surfing. I got a surfer daddy and brother. Nobody is like me. The pop culture claimed my waves and I rebelled against the majority by not learning to surf. But I was the only one who was hurtin'. I am diving into the lion's den-- and hurt them posers by being able to say that I DO and CAN surf and beat them up with my board.

Anyway. I am taking History of Sexuality, International Cinema, Surfing, B & W Photography, Women in Literature, and a lab unit of Geology 101. I think that's all folks.

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