Friday, July 8


This Finn immigrant blogged about a car that will require to take your breath to analyze your levels of alochol before it will start. It is coming to Finland (the kingdom of drunken teenagers... their drinking law is 18yrs old so you are guaranteed to see zillions of blonde teens singing outside of the bars).

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What do you call an alcoholic Polish person? An “alcolock” !! Get it? (Polish people are sometimes called Polocks) Okay okay, that was a really lame joke. But anywho…an “alcolock” is a device which is installed in your car to prevent you from driving drunk.

Finland is to introduce Friday the first of the breath alcohol ignition interlock devices, or “alcolocks", devices that require a repeat drink-driving offender to blow into a breath analyser to switch on a car’s ignition circuit.

They only cost $60/month in the states, I know about these a tad, my buddy used to have one. No surprise they’re twice as expensive here. With a high monthly fee like that, drivers will simply refuse the alcolock and just instead drive around with a suspended license.

On a separate note, I am touching down to my roots by joining Finnish forums, read Finnish-American blogs, and... LEARN FINNISH. So you might see more of Finlandia-related entries in the near future.

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