Tuesday, July 19

A Finnish Citizen Stands Before You!

I got my Finnish citizenship.

Hm, that passport is red. They do have blue passports now... My mother's aunts (my great-aunts) have suede blue covers for their red passports. When C, my husband, asked them why did they covered their red passport, my great-aunts replied: "because it reminded me of the Reds-- The Russians."

Yes, Finland is full of hatred, especially toward the Russians. It is not the old people but the youth as well. One of my OLD former friends kept ranting about how it is SO easy to spot a Russian with their filthy, ugly face, saggy breasts, and rough hands. It kind of creeped me out. I didn't expect racism in Finland... is it called racism? I mean, maybe "nationalism"? Hatred of a nationality? What do you think? What is it called if a white person hates another white person from another country?

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