Monday, July 4


You scored as Nipples. You're secretly kinky aren't you? I like you already. Don't let anyone onto your dirty side--it's more fun that way.
Nipples -- 90%
Cartilage Piercing-- 80%
Labret Piercing-- 70%
Earlobe Piercing-- 60%
Nose Piercing-- 50%
Tongue Piercing-- 40%
Dirty Piercings-- 40%
Belly Button Piercing-- 30%
Lip Piercing-- 30%
What Piercing Are You?

Deaf258 is the "AH!" Dirt piercing... go and check his blog!
I thought I was more of a "lip-piercing" person... I am consdering a nose or lip piercing. :-) Whatcha think??

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