Monday, July 25

Simpsons-- Homophobia?

Two nights ago, I think, an espiode of Simpsons had a warning/parental
advisory for depicting SAME-SEX marriages. How lame was that?!?!
They shld put up "warning: heterosexual kissing is shown. Parental
advisory" to make it fair. Have they got too far?
Of course, the simpsons was on the FOX network...

Just a thought that yall shld know abt this unusual parental advisory
for marriages. I haven't got the chance to watch it because the CC got
lost when it was recorded so I didn't bother to watch the show.

Any of youse saw the show? Did it consist homosexual kiss, sex,
anything? Or just homosexual love? Do you think it shld be warned for
parents to shelter their children's ignorance from?

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