Monday, August 22

ARGGHH! Forget the race wars!!

I posted my comment on her commentboard... I am the number 9. Read her entry to understand what context I am referring to.

“… seeing the breakdown of our student population according to race: Black - 51%, Hispanic - 36%, and a sliver marked other… Yet I wasn’t considered a minority?”

AMEN! Went to a ghetto high school and the topic about white as a minorite came up in my junior English class. One girl (she is classified as a “White” but she is a Middle-Eastern but there is no “middle-eastern” on the list … So she got stuck as being a whitey-honkey) corrected the teacher when he stated that the white is the majority: “um, Teach GH *our nickname for him*, I don’t know if you notice but the white is not a majority. Granted it is the majority in US but don’t preach us about majority at this school. This is an entire different world– Look around. RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU ARE WHITE!” Few hands went up, included me. “Now, raise your hand if you are NOT white”, 85% of class hands went up. “Now… GH if you don’t mind, skip the whole stupid bullshit about white as a majority. It is not true anymore in San Diego.”

Don’t give me crap about the KKK and being part of the perfect race…. A half-white (She was actually a redhead Hawaiian with red freckles) classmate insulted me: “You are totally the poster girl for the KKK clan because you got the blue eyes and blonde hair– why don’t you go and join the skinheads over there?” EXCUSE ME?! Don’t place your stupid American ignorance on me, an Scandinavian byproduct!
Just because I am white and living in America– FORGET IT.

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