Saturday, August 27

Labor Day Weekend?

When a friend asked me what I am doing on Labor Day weekend, I repleid: "Labor day? that is just one more day off for me, nothing else." Now I realized how busy I will be.
I might meet a couple that I have been talked for a couple of months. They were in Sweden when my husband and I visited in Finland and we tried to meet up but their schedule were BUSY so we flew out before they got any of our emails requesting for a date. :-/ Now their situation has taken a different turn and they are due to be back this weekend and might try to come down next weekend to San Diego to meet us. :-) Hopefully they will be able to go through with the plans!
Another friend from Arizona is currently trying to convince his riding buddy to come to San Diego on the same weekend to meet us and the Swedish couple at same time.

I have been assisted him with a list of reasons to come to San Diego:
1) DPHH= Deaf Professional Happy Hour. It is being hosted at a nice place and they can meet other Deafs they may know themselves or to sixth degree.
2) Labor Day around San Diego= there are places to check out like vista point, beaches (I think we will try to avoid the beaches during the daytime), places of interest. My Arizonian friend wants to go to the Mormon Temple in La Jolla so I think I might take him there and then to Mount Soledad (also in La Jolla) for an excellent 360° view of the city! I definitely will take the AZ guy to Hillcrest at nightime for the hell of it. Hillcrest is the best. Ocean Beach. La Jolla. Hillcrest. Downtown I guess... hmm hmm. Julian for pies... we will see!
3) People= ME AND MY HUSBAND! We are practically famous in Arizona. A lot of people we know in San Diego are now immediately in Arizona working or living. :-)

I am crossing my fingers that the Arizonians and the Swedish couple will come on the Labor Day Weekend! (Crossing hard enough to refrain blood to my fingers)

(P.S.: 'Gatsu how was Saturday?? Im me if you see me online. I want to hear it all! )

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