Saturday, August 13


Growing up on school buses really gives you a character of originality because strange things can happen when you are on a school bus. I have a
zillion of stories all related or occured on a schoolbus. One of my favorite stories (that is not SO graphical) was when I was in eighth grade, all kids on my bus were groggy and silent as the driver made his pickups and completed his route. There were twelve of us that have been picked up and aimed to be dropped of at Kroc Middle School.
The bus driver was new-- a young male. After the last kid was picked up only 2 miles from school, he started to take a different and unusual turn. We didn't clamour because he was new-- all drivers have their own preferred route to take when heading to a school.
Although we began to realize that we weren't heading to our school-- the most obvious sign: we are seeing hundreds of empty school buses parking in this giant yard. The driver must really wanted to go home badly-- enough to take twelve kids with him!
Some kids started to peep. The young male had his "D'Oh!" expression on as he looked onward to twelve confusing kids in the mirror.. He made an u-turn and left the yard and drove us to the correct destination: our middle school.

I do have more graphical and hilarious bus stories... leave a buzz on my comment board and I might post the most embarassing bus story...!

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