Sunday, September 18

Bored out of my mind

O-k, It is late and I am bored. I might benefit by going to bed but I just want to post something since I have neglected this blogger.
I dropped Black and White Photography because the professor was hard-core anal and he guaranteed that we won't have a life... Nice first-day class to come to, eh? He said that if I take over 12 units, forget it. So I forgot it. I am now enrolled in Burgess-- my printmaking professor--'s bookmaking class. I am enjoying the class sofar. The interpreter situation hit the fan when I added the bookmaking class. Apparently there are four uncovered 4 to 7 courses at my university that the coordinator have been begged everybody to come and interpret. I didn't have any interpreter on the second day of the bookmaking class. Next class, I had an interpreter for almost two hours (the class is two hour and 40minutes). By the fourth class, I got two interpreters for the whole class expect the last thirty minutes. Well-- better than nothing. So for the whole semester I will be deaf-mute for last 30minutes of every book-making class. I am freed by pencil and paper whenver I need to ask Burgess something.
My surfing class was... FUN! I certainly did have fun on the first day on the waters. The instructors and classmates are fun and easy to get along with. Nobody stared me as if I am something of a freaky nature. My shoulders and biceps were *sore* after an hour and 45minutes of paddling and swimming around to keep myself afloat. I did get a minor sunburn... NICE. I should've put on sunscreen although. :-X Lesson learned-- ALWAYS put on sunscreen even if the day is gray and gloomy.
I got my own wetsuit for 107.46$ from a local surf shop with a super-nice saleswoman who answered all my dumb questions ("How do I keep the wetsuit clean??"). I liked it. It does fit me nicely and all openings are snuggy on me. Unlikely the Roxy wetsuit I tried at K-5 store which was HORRIBLE... too big at top and too tight at bottom. The wrist's elastics were killing off my blood circulation to my hands... plus the store had a lousy selection of women's-- there is only seven wetsuits on women's rack ranging from size 0 to 14. WTF?? Forget the K-5 store in Poway... they are mainly for posers who want to wear skate/surf/snowboard brands at their schools.

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