Monday, September 5

Nobody came down to Sunny Diego...


It is ok. It is too expensive to drive all way to San Diego. The county average for San Diego is:


Didja know there is a consideration to rename San Diego which had been dubbed as "Finest City" since the Rep convention in '72??

An article covered the "Catchy-Catchpharses" that printed several suggestions submitted by the locals...
What a Zoo! (Keith Wetterer, Point Loma)
Beach Balls, U-Hauls and Shopping Malls (Gerald Driessen, Clairemont)
All Major Unmarked Bills Accepted Here (Tom Elliott, San Diego)
Where Dick Murph Hit the Turf (Bill Huff, Rancho Peñasquitos)
An Eruption of Corruption (George Lewis, Tierrasanta)
Sorry You Can't Afford to Live Here (Joanne Ashwell, Oceanside)
Isn't Our 15 Minutes of Fame Over Yet? (James Shea, San Diego)
Scandalicious (T. McGhee, San Diego)
Bunglers by the Bay (Pat Doering, Poway)
Paradise Lost (Several readers)
You see-- we got a corrupted local government. Our former Mayor (Dick Murphy) won by having the most LEGAL votes. the winner was actually a write-in candiate Dem. Donna Frye but her last name was mispelt (Fry, Frie, etc) or wasn't bubbled in even though her name was WRITTEN for "write-in candidate"; unfortunately many of her votes were invalid... and Murph won by having many correct bubbled-in votes. Two months later, he resigned so abruptly because he got CIA/IRS breathing down on his neck and he didn't want to have a bad reputation (too late-- He was voted "the Worst Mayor of USA" by Time)... and to top it off-- we got three councilmen that have been caught bribing with a local strip club to repel the "No-Lapdance" code... and two were fired (one died) so we got four empty seats on our board...! Plus-- All of corrupted members were REPUBLICANS. Eat my dust, Republican asswipes.
You Want It, We Have It (Louise Wilson, Rancho Bernardo)
Heaven on Earth (C.J. Paderewski, San Diego)
City of Promise (Judy Schulenberg, Chula Vista)
Why the West Was Worth Winning (Jeff Birdsell, San Diego)
Endless Summer (Julie Harris, San Diego)
Picture Perfect (Karen Bryan, El Cajon)
Where Good Lives Become Great (Jim Stieringer, La Mesa)
Jewel of the Pacific (Susan Gallego, San Diego)
More Than a Dream (Robert Duncan, Oceanside)
Paradise Found (Several readers)
The Greatest, Weather or Not (Fred Shatsky, University City)
Sure We're Broke, But Heaven Can Wait (Fred Nathan, Rancho Bernardo)
A New Tomorrow (Angelina Gregorio, Escondido)

Submitted by those who see the glass as hald-full. :-) I like "You want it, We have it"... We do have beaches, mountains to hike, desert to get burnt, and the SHORT-lived snow season in HIGH mountains 50minutes out east of San Diego County. We got it all: sand, snow, and sun-- OH YES BABY!
We Even Have Hockey (Laura Vogt, Lemon Grove)
Where Some Like It Hot (Vern Westenberger, San Diego)
Owned and Operated by the NFL (Howard Brodersen)
Love Us or Leave (The Fischers, San Diego)
We're Out of Clue Cards (Mark Weisbaum, Chula Vista)
A City in Commotion (Chuck Bahde, Hillcrest)
The City With a Sense of Humor (Hope Wariner, San Diego)

Yes-- our hockey team is the Gulls. They do have a good record-- not the best but you can say that it is not bad for a city that never get snow. And our stadium is always the site for many Superbowls (for last three years, I think) even though our NFL team is NOT playing in SuperBowl. Our NFL "Chargers" team was in the SuperBowl in 1993.. and lost MISERABLY to the 49ers. Totally disappointed.

One of my favorite catchpharse was: "SANDY EGO!" ... say it aloud... SAN...DYEGO... SAN DIEGO!
What do you think? Any preferred catchphrase?
What should YOUR city's catchpharse should be???

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