Thursday, October 6

Deaf Foreign Movie!

Saw "Beyond The World" at Deaf Community Service here in San Diego-- I liked the movie! We (my husband and a Deaf friend) did chat with Koichi and Harold (the "hosts" of this event in San Diego) afterward and it was nice to meet them. Koichi is a Deaf Japanese who will get a BA from CSUN. Harold is all-round American Deaf who is part of ""... My husband delighted himself by discussing with Koichi about the Japanese's writing systems.

"Beyond the World" is an Italian movie about a Deaf student struggling being mainstreamed (there were several other deaf students as well) at an Italian university while falling in love with a Deaf female student.

The movie was short and sweet. :) It was interesting to see how the Deaf in Italy sign... I can make out 45% of their signs... the movie has English subtitles (thanks goodness or I will be lost in the plotline!). We watched the Part one... at the end, there was a "twister" and then it went black and said: "To be continued..." ARGH! Kept me on edges of my seat...

Now I gotta go to Long Beach Convention for Mata Expo just to see the second part of that movie!!! It is on November 5 this year, so if you are going-- lemme know! Maybe I can bum you for a ride or a place to stay if it gets too late. ;) (beaming!)

Mata means: "See you later" and "Again, again, again" in Japanese and "eye" in Talaong (Philippines' language) which emphasizes the importance of using eyes in Deaf cultures. The orginzation of Mata is not limited to Deaf Asians (Italian is not exactly an Asian culture, obviously) but rather to foreign Deaf cultures to interact.

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