Tuesday, October 25


Tis the rainy season. For most of you, the first fall of snow marks the beginning of wintertime. For us, San Diegans, it is the first drops of rain...

I don't mind the gloomy skies, the early sunset, et cetera but I certainly do mind the wetness. I am just glad I got a good pair of shoes that will prevent me from getting wet and cold (and also wettening my pair of jeans. Don't you hate that??). If the rain come a bit later, I won't be bothered. Just not now. The transition from summer to winter was sudden and very unfair since we haven't build up our threshold of cold temperatures.

There is no actual seasons of autumn or spring, in my opinion. The seasons are just winter and summer. Autumn and spring are merely periods of transition, which I mentioned to be very sudden, thus insufficient to be sirred as a season. The recent autumn only lasted two weeks with the leaves turning bright red... Discolored marked their impending death. Now these poor trees are bare and exposed. Of course the transition of autumn excluded those foreign evergreen trees which are here to keep San Diego vibrant. I don't like the evergreen trees for the misillusion they provided in regards what season is it. How can you tell time by looking at an evergreen??

The only illuminating part about the transition to winter is that at least the cactuses in the area wil cheer for their thirsty yen to be yielded. Nobody cares for those pricky plants. Poor cactuses. Don't you think Gumby resembles a cactus? I do.

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