Sunday, October 16

Weekly Surf Report

Three days later, so what? You all can live... wait-- then what is the point for y'all to come here?! (GASP!) (Desperately deleting what had been spoken)

Anyway-- The waves were well formed. The walls were excellent and there was SMALL tubes but not big enough to surf on. A lot of classmates pearled big-time.

Perl [sic]:
A common term describing when a person buries the nose of their surfboard and goes "over the falls". Often referred to by the actual surfer as @#%%@#@!!

A wipeout where the nose or front of the surfboard goes under the water, usually when dropping into a steep part of a wave. (After "pearl diving".)

My interpreter and I cringed after seeing SEVEN poor bastards pearling on the SAME wave. There was a HUGE wave after another! And those poor bastards think they can TRY to surf on them?! My goodness... Imagine yourself being slammed into the wave because your seven-ft board cannot handle a 5-ft wave... SLAMMED into the waters.

I did get up twice this time after many failed attempts (but I did get up on my knees a lot! WHEE). Had to give up some good waves because it was caught by other classmates. I am thinking about going to the surfing class at another time where the class is less crowded at the beach. Prehaps Wednesday, instead of Friday because everybody wants to be on the beach on Friday early to beat the parking so they can stay there afterward to party in the bars and whatnot at nighttime. I don't blame them. It is a wise move and if the deaf nights are still at the beach, I will definitely hang out at the beach after my surfing class; studying while tanning et cetera and then walk over to the cafe to hang out with folks.

The weekly Deaf night event was relocated to a local popular mall to avoid the parking problems on the beaches but now that mall is suffering the same problems that caused us to relocate in first place...!

You haven't hear the end of this...! (Rambling being faded in the background)

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