Tuesday, November 8

Five Weeks?

That is how much I got left for this semester. I got two term papers coming up next week. I am pretty much finished with research for both classes but extracting what I know onto a typed document is the barrier I am facing now. I have been seriously considered to buy a laptop so I can extirpate my knowledge anywhere whenever I want to. When I get home, I am not in mood to work on my papers but when I am on-campus-- I am totally up for it to kill time. I have stuff to do at my home that got a higher priority than my classes' grades. (GASPING!) Yes, unforunately.

The Finals. [gagging]. I got finals for Geology 303 (Natural Disasters), Art 559 (Art since 1945), but my Art 565 final is optional and I will opt to not take it. Surfing Class-- final? We don't even have our midterm, so HA! Art of Bookmaking-- final project, not the final exam; so no worries. That is all I am taking? OH! Hist of Sexuality... I think there is a final... essay final. UGH. I don't think I did good on the midterms. I never take a good look at my exams' grades. Oh well.

My back is killing me from sitting too long. I am putting in toothpicks between my eyelids because my husband is taking too forever to talk with me on the AIM. He is in Las Vegas with my pager. Walking around on the strip. Long story. And no, he isn't eloping with another girl. Haven't seen him since Saturday. He will be back this Wednesday. Five friggin' days. I was mad at him for leaving that long. He told me it would take only three days in the first place.. and now five? Jesus. He opted to join a co-worker's carpool instead of driving himself which accounted for extra days because the carpool left one day and back home one day after of his planned itinerary of three days.

[YAWNING] Good night folks.

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