Monday, November 28


I have received several desperate pleas from classmates from TODAY only:
This is my first time using this thing and I thought the test was on Thursday; Aggh! Anyone wanna help me out and send me your notes that would help me with the study guide? I missed the last class.

I missed class Tuesday because my parents flight was delayed. I need to know what art pieces and what essay questions are on the test tomorrow. I am willing to pay someone...or I can give you any help with notes because I have not missed any other classes.

Can anyone help me out with the definitons of DILATION and ASPERITE from the study guide
I would appreciate it

They had the WHOLE thanksgiving weekend to ask people yet they popped those questions ONE DAY BEFORE THE EXAM?!

Pathetic. (They were using Blackboard to mass-email to the whole class.) Tip for kids who do those mass-emails: SAY WHICH CLASS you are emailing about. I have two art history classes so the email about art history I had no idea which she was referring to and I can care any less. I am not going to bother to waste my time and replied to her: "Which class are you talking about?" and then as soon I got the reply, I probably will be in the class tomorrow acing the exam. ;) Yes, I am little egoistic.

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