Monday, November 14

Watch Out, DC Deafies!

My husband and I might head out to D.C. for his tour of Gallaudet University's MA programs so if you are able to give us information about where and who to contact for cheap hotel stays in SAFE areas... I KNOW for sure that the areas around Gally are NOT safe.
I recollected there are dorm rooms for prospective student so they can spend time at Gally to tour the campus and the department. Does it still exist and is for cheap prices? My husband is considering to attend Gally's program for American Sign Language.
So (crossing her fingers) Wish us luck! If you are in DC and will like to meet us, let me know! We might will visit DC between Janurary 17th (their spring semester starts on 17th or 18th) and Feburary 18th when the two-for-one flight deal expires at JetBlue.

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