Tuesday, December 27


Hope everybody had a good holiday.

I did have a ... nice 24th and 25th. :) Family time and all those food to stuff myself with. I got three gifts in total from my family (two more from the in-laws).

Like Philip (deaf258) we did have a family tradition to open gifts the night before the X-day because Finland celebrates 24th instead of 25th. Why waiting for Santa to drop off overnight when you can meet the Santa on 24th and have him giving you the gifts? That is how they do in Finland-- somebody gets to dress up like a Santa and gives gifts to kids on 24th after the dinnertime. :)

C and I got a pair of slippers with monkey heads. I got the "girl" with the flower in head and C got a gorilla slippers... and he kept putting his feet on my feet and started to "hump"... I mentioned to him: "so every time you wear those slippers, I know it is time for me to open up in the bed, eh?" He smirked and rolled his eyes. ;) YAY, MONKEY SEX!
We blew the 25$ gift certificate for a vegetarian resturant in one sitting already. OY! That place isn't expensive but oh well. It was worth it! He got a boba drink, I got a smoothie, and we got the expensive appetizers and two very fulfilling meal.
I got a slender bag for my laptop to make it easier to carry around. The previous bag I had-- it was HARD to drag around becaue it was too bulky and heavy. I didn't need that MANY pockets (overall, there was like 13 pockets!).

I didn't get what I want. I didn't get a surfboad. I didn't get a surfer's rack for my car. I didn't get anything from what I posted before. Oh well. I still love you all anyway. :)

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