Sunday, December 11

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday, Happy birthday to ME.
(blowing out twenty candles)


I found the entries in my blogger regarding my birthday in the course of two years ago.

2002oh btw- my birthday was last wednesday and I am 17 now. a big whoopee. [rme] i will make it a big deal if I am 18. only uh, 330-ish days away.. i can wait until i am legal to pierce and tattoo myself and go over to Tijuana to get drunk and get into a male strippers' club. [nodnod] it would be cool. ;) and legal to have nookies! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! and move in with that special somebody! [wink wink]

The year 2003 was my verbose year so I took the honor of editing to keep the quoted materials simple. :)
Today is my 18th birthday; No more jailbait- jainá no más! It was a nice day. Nothing heavy or chaotic. I arrived home just few minutes before my birthday- 12:45am. Mom...greet me with eighteen those scratchy-and-win tickets [and] I won five bucks and two free lottery tickets. Went to bed. Woke up at 6:30am. ... It was raining today but it never rained on me. ...Tomorrow, which is Friday... I am free all day. Hmph... Maybe I could go to Café Cremé in night and get a tattoo or piercing in a shop near the coffeehouse. ....but i wonder if I can stand the throbbing pain throughout the final week? ...*a long debate about why I should get a piercing... to read more go to my archives*...I don't mind to have an ear piercing so I can decorate my ears, haha. I have many earrings and so few holes on my body!...

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