Wednesday, December 7

(rubbing eyes)

My cousin from Finland is in town for next four weeks. I got an exam tomorrow. I gotta put together a portfolio for my bookmaking class-- I have done everything but just to assemble it together and include my "notes" and whatnots... it is due this Monday. Then the finals on 20ths-- two finals. That is it. End of this semester.

and yes, I gave in to become a member of myspace so get off my back...! YES I CAN SEE YOUR GODDAMN MYSPACE WEBPAGE! I don't like it at all so don't expect to see me lingering around.

I think I will just have four classes next semester. Then for the summer semester, I will take a lab unit of Geology and maybe, MAYBE, a three-weeks course in Turkey for Art502 (Mixed Media)... just three weeks to complete three units and IN TURKEY?! nice~~
There are not many "art majors" courses available at SDSU during summer so that's why I might as well go to Turkey. Art502 is not even offered on-campus!

Oh yes, my birthday is this Sunday. I think somebody is throwing me a party. ugh. Family only, I think (and hope). I will see friends on Friday for deaf-events, but after that, I am really withdrawn from being a social butterfly (as if I ever try to be one before). I think I am just so burnedout from this semester (which I have to admit this is the worst semester-- I didn't care about grades or courses excluded my surfing and bookmaking which I predicted correctly), the accident, $$$, and everything that I just want to refocus on myself and take a breathe. You can say I need a time-out.

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