Friday, December 16


Just got home from an open-captioned movie for uh, "Pride and Prejudice". It is a very good movie if you want to cheat on your book report on the novel of same title. The dialogue is not accurate but somewhat similar in the manners (ie: the youngest sister being SO annoyed, the mother being a worrywart about daughters turning into spinsters by age 20, Lizzie being a smartmouth). The novel was so prolonged and droning whereas the movie kept the punches coming-- they kept all the major events in the novel's plotline. The novel kept drawling on about how one's hem appears and why it is so significant, and what a gentleman should behave and et cetera... the novel is almost like a lady's diary-- gossip of the society and tips for the reader to be aware. It was a torment to read it for my senior English class-- especially after you were done reading Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" and all suddenly you are reading this froo-frooy novel...
The open-caption didn't come on at first so my friend went to complain-- and then finally it was turned on. then at the VERY last scene where Lizzie was smooching with Darcy, the captions were GONE. I laughed SO hard because they were talking but the only texts come up was the musical notes. I thought it was ridiculous how flaky the captions were. We eventually got movie refunds after my friend lodged a second complaint to the manager.
My birthday was O-K. We went to the beaches. Mission Beach and Point Loma. Kicked back at Belmont Park. Ate the home-made cake by C's mama. Simple and sweet.

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