Monday, December 19

You Know You Had Too Much of Computer When...

you tried to press the "down" on the dialog pad to read more after you read a whole page of lined paper with your notes atop your computer desk.

I just attempted to press the "down" button as I came to the last line of my notes... and then I realized that my notebook is NOT digital, but rather a lined notebook. >__< O... M... G!

I had been working on my take-home final essay to finish it off (I got two finals tomorrow so I won't have time to tinkle with it tomorrow before the 7pm deadline) all day so I was used to use the dialog pad to get around my document because I was using my laptop.

And my happy finger still press on that dialog pad even though I have unplugged myself from the computer. >___< Time to tell my fingers: "yes, you had to TURN the page yourself!"

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