Wednesday, January 4

Bye-Bye Wisdom!

I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am to maul my mouth just to yank out four wisdom teeth. Lovely. Yes I have joined the club of post-Wisdom people...

I have two impacted teeth in my lower jaw which are painful so I suspect these teeth would give the dentist one or two troubles with his pliers... They recommended to pull out the upper wisdom teeth just because they would affect my overall apperance (meaning: these damned wisdom would f*ck up my perfect teeth and force me to resort to put on braces in the late stages of my life).

I am nervous because I have heard horrible stories-- endless bleeding, swollen up like a chipmunk, painful to eat/chew anything... I just DON'T want to suffer afterward. I have suffered enough to let them growing out.

My husband will cater me as my nurse by bringing me fruity smoothies, ice creams, and ice cubes for me, so don't worry...

So if you saw me posting something with garbling and incoherent messages about the wonderful effects of morphine-- IGNORE ME.

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