Monday, January 23

Hm, am I interesting enough for you?

I don't usually post political unless it affects me directly... I don't post gossips... I don't post anything but ME. So why are you reading mine? I don't review movies or newspaper articles like Ridor or Larry. I like to think that you are reading my blog because my life fascinates you. I am a wild, bohemian, Finnish, Deaf Californian woman that you *SO* want to be friends with.... :-)

Allright. Here it is to a new leaf! I will try my best to post some political input, movies/book reviews (I am TRYING to read books that have been on my old list), and of course I will continue to enlighten you with my life insight and share my experiences with you.

Let's start with politics:
President Jacques Chirac cracked a joke: "The only worst thing than British food is Finnish food!" as he sat with leaders from Germany and Russia. You see, Russia and Finland are sort of "cat-fighting" with each other due to the Winter War (parallel to WW2)... so I wondered if the Russian dude was ROTFLHAO...?

I am aware that I might beat a dead horse since that remark was made last July but nonetheless! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH FINNISH FOOD?! We are not creative enough? Look at America! They got hot-dogs, hamburger, and corn-dogs... that is it. Everything else is from another country! Granted, Finnish food is rarely spicy but there are STUFF to eat... Potatoes and sausages do rule the cuisine but there are so many way to eat potatoes. Finnish includes a lot of dairy-- yogurt, milk, and cheese. They got MANY different flavors of yogurt-- mostly berries. Their juices-- they don't have just "Apple juice" or "OJ" ... they got blueberry juice, raspberry juice (this one I will drink any day), and many more. Finland is full of berries (I can pick off some wild strawberries without worrying about pestcide as I walk down a sidewalk in Pori, Finland). They love their rye bread. The rye bread you see in an American grocery store is not quite the same. Finnish has many different types of rye breads. Hard, soft, round, square, thin, or thick. I like mine hard and thin.

Now moving on to British food... I only can say what I remembered when I was 8 years old: "What is in 'bloody lamb stew'?" when I asked my mother as I pointed it out in a menu. Needless to say, British food do gross people out just with how they name their food. What is a British food, anyway? "A cup of a tea and a biscuit", that is all? What about Haggis? "Oh that is Scottish food"... okay, so Britian is a lot like America-- they eat everything from other countries. Especially India. C didn't know that UK got a large population of Indian... he got excited when he saw a good number of Indian restaurants in London and NOW wanted to go to London just for the damn Indian food. "Would it be better to fly out to India," I asked him; "no! India got all of those dieases you have to worry about!" Whatever.

Chirac can kiss my big Finnish ass...

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