Sunday, January 15


Today is the third day I am able to eat solids. Yeah. Ever since the oral surgery, I only ate cream-of-wheat, pudding, yogurt, mashed yams, ice-cream... that's it. But as days went by, I was able to nibble to "chew" some food like pasta, crackers, cheese, chili to soften it up to swallow.
I was swollen up like a happy chipmunk. But after four days, it went down but my left jaw. That was the worst impacted tooth they had to take out-- they make like two incisions to cut wide JUST to take it out. Usually they would make one incision and pulled out through that cut... but for that left wisdom teeth-- they had to cut from top and down across my gum under other molars. (shuddering!)
So I was smiling all weird, in pain when I laughed, and I cannot "mouth" while signing which C loved. He told me to keep my mouth straight whenever I sign to him from on... last week he did tell me to stop mouthing English words for him and keep my lips straight. I still have a small swollen in the left side in my gum but otherwise, I am totally great!
However the stitches are driving me nuts now. I think I played with some too much to cause them to unravel... so I can feel the thread tickling my tostils and tongue... ARGH! They are biodegradable but still! How LONG will it take? Ay yi yi yi.
The oral surgery was a horrid experience, in my opinion. I was scared shitless. I was put to sleep. I took Valium. I was gassed. I was jabbed with a syringe that knocked me out with tears in my eyes. For the first time in my lifetime, I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING after the surgery. I was out after an hour at one o'clock in the afternoon... I finally vaguely recollected the stimulus after 5 o'clock but by eight o'clock I was all coherent and vivid. Scary.

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