Tuesday, January 17

School's here already?

Ugh. Spring semester starts tomorrow. I am trying to crash a geology lab course tomorrow at 11am. Wish me luck.
I got a lot of classes to crash-- troubles with my VR, dates, registration, blah blah... so I wasn't able to enroll classes before it got full. (flipping birds) What can I do but to beg?
It might be easy this semester since I am a... SENIOR! So the professor would have to kick out some lowerclassmen to make some room for me. ((SCORE))
I am trying to crash in: Lithography Printmaking, Black and White photography, Writing in Various Setting, and Geology Lab. I only got one class for sure: Advanced Drawing. So in total, I will have 13 units (that if I crash successfully.) The professor for Lithography and Photography (same professor for both) is known for a hard-grader... just look at his rating!
[For those who are lazy to click: several remarks: "If you are not one of his favorites, he makes you VERY aware of it." "Only go to his class if you are serious about art. Graphic design is frowned apon (sic)." and his average Easiness is 2.5 out of 5, average Helpfulness: 3.2, and Average Clarity: 3.2. Doesn't he sound like the perfect professor?! *gritting her teeth* ]
What classes are you taking? Are you graduating soon? Tell it all in the comments!

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