Saturday, January 21

So far, so good

Okay, I was successful at crashing ... three classes. Although two classes won't be confirmed because the professor cannot do anything until Tuesday. So I am still hanging by a thread.
One class that I crashed (and SUCCEED because that professor has a tender heart and I did email and call him before classtime to BEG and he finally gave in to me when I told him that the availability of interpreters are very LIMITED so it was important for me to stay in his class blah blah... and SCORE.) was a writing course which is required for everybody who didn't score a perfect score on the standard writing exam (10 to 12 got waivered from taking any courses, 9 to 7 have to take one writing course, 6 and below-- two courses)... so naturally A LOT of people are in the 9-7 zone and there were two pages full of people that wants to crash this ONE class... The professor assured me that I am already in-- in FRONT of everybody. I could felt all evil glares burned into my back because all suddenly I am the teacher's pet and I got "scooted in" while 35 people are desperate to crash... :-/
I will go to D.C. on Feb 3 to 6th for sure. See me there!

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