Wednesday, February 8

88 degrees today

It was so NICE to bask in the sunlight after the weekend in rainy DC. I even used a tank top and strutted my hot thang around. ;)

I totally threw off my sleep cycle-- probably because I was working hard overnight to complete my weekend projects before classes yesterday that accounted for the lack of sleep. Tonight-- 11pm will be my bedtime curfew... I am so ready to dive in my bed but I will fight the Sandman back...

I got my first V-day card from a friend in Oceanside (40-ish minutes north of San Diego)-- it was nice to get REAL snail-mail, don'tcha think?? No frigging credit bills, no frigging catalog you didn't order for, no frigging spams, but a FRIGGING REAL MAIL THAT SOMEBODY *actually* WRITES SOMETHING!
Speaking of real mail, I did send Deaf258 a VERY early V-Day card but I am not sure if he got it yet? :-/

If you want a real snail-mail or postcard from me, contact me to give me your address! I like to send out postcards after I am done drawing stuff on it. Just like one postcard I doodled of the cityscape of Tallinn in Estonia. I need to doodle once in a while just to keep my creativity side in me brewing.

Oh, oh, I bought three tickets to see the Quidam this weekend--! YAY! C, KJ a good friend, and I will be on edges of our seats as we see people flying off bars at Del Mar's fairgrounds... Definitely WILL blog about it!

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