Monday, February 6

Back home

Got home last night from D.C. around 9pm. Went out with friends who picked us up from the airport-- ate out at a restaurant (where Clifton and I were able to eat a MEAL that we enjoyed!)

... me likey DC? Eh. I can say one thing for sure: I will go boinks if I stay in DC for four YEARS...! C liked the program-- I don't blame him-- the professors and students are cool and fun. The program is great but... why does it have to be in D.C.?!

I haven't met people I like-- some are ok but most are standoff-ish. Somebody judged me to be a hearing person "beacause [I] behaved like one." Fuck 'em. What was I supposed to behave-- sloppily signing big as I make a big deal of everything somebody merely brings up (San Diegans: Think who fits in this description-- Oh yes-- RUBY!).
Was hoping to meet some bloggers but... [shrug] no success.

A lot of Deafies stay in their "groups" so it is harder to just jump in and say "hi!" without dropping a name or stating my status quo of an elite group. A lot of Deafie were interested in talking about THEMSELVES-- not to make a conversation with another Deafie. Bah.

I probably will throw tantrums all the way if we have to move to DC. I don't know how to handle DC. I can handle Boston, NYC, SF, and Seattle et cetera--but NOT D.C.!

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