Wednesday, February 15

Johari and Nohari
Go ahead and see what are my faults. Those people were honest. They know me well enough to tell me what I need to improve on.

And the positive side:
to see what I have protrayed myself in a limespot!

To understand the chart: the words that are in top left box means people did click on the same words that I believe I am. The top right box is things people believe I am but I don't, whilst bottom right is things I believe I am but nobody notices. Bottom right is things that I don't believe myself to be nor people do neither.

I want to use those "quizzes"to show how I think of myself may differ or parallel to how others see me. I want to know if I have been shown myself accurately in the image I see myself as. In my high school, I was totally MISUNDERSTOOD and this frustrated me so I decided to take a step forward by breaking down the wall between me and people but admittedly, I still have a wall but it is only 1 foot tall!

when you are done, if you don't mind, post your answers in the comments! :-)

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