Monday, March 13

More about Turkey

Okay, I have posted the "make a donation" button. You can find it on right side of this webpage.

Now I feel obligated to explain my case and why I have established the donation button so you all won't look at me as if I am some spoiled student.
The donation button is not exactly for me. It is for my interperter.

I am a senior at San Diego State University. I was looking at courses I want to take for my major over the summer-- one of the major courses offered was Art 502, Intermedia. The catch? It is being hosted in Turkey. I thought it would be a GREAT note to end my degree. It is a three-week course taught by a SDSU professor to a 15 to 30 SDSU students.
So it is not a studying aboard or an exchange student program. It is a major course, part of the Extended Studies Department on-campus, where the art majors will earn three units for this three-week course. So I went ahead and signed up after an interpreter said that if it is a SDSU course, she didn't see why not an interpreter should be provided me to Turkey.
Well, the DSS (Disabled Student Services) totally shot me down. They said they cannot provide interpreters for an off-campus course. WTF?? But they did provide me interpreters for my surfing class which was OFF-campus-- ON THE FRIGGING BEACH! They said that since the course is in Turkey, ADA is not going to protect me.

I was quite miffed for quite a while but now I have decided to go ahead all the WAY-- with or without SDSU's support... Flipping my birds at the SDSU's policy. The interpreter, who told me that SDSU should support, still wants to provide her services for my Art 502 but the problem is-- She cannot afford the flight ticket AND the package. So I thought maybe I should set up a donation thing for my interpreter's tour package to be paid off so she can buy her own flight ticket. (The salary for her hours is still debated at SDSU.) The tour package costs $1685.00. So any donation of any sum will be HELPFUL no matter what. I would LOVE to have an interpreter with me for this course so I can take advantage of everything I experience in Istanbul, Turkey.

All I can say is: F**k SDSU. They are worthless to me. I don't have any memorable memories. That is why I want this course-- to just have ONE frigging memorable time to cherish from my university education. Nonetheless I am glad I got over with my degree in less of four years. Forget SDSU. UCSD sucks too (an ENTIRE different story) so you are better off going somewhere for a degree outside San Diego.

Donate whatever you can to ensure my interpreter's services for my course in Turkey. Make my art major memorable for me this summer.

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