Thursday, March 23

Returning from Phoenix

Check out Deaf258's for pictures...

My husband and I were with Deaf258 last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. Whee! It was FUN with him. He is such a gossip, lol. I love you still, Deaf258! His roomate cut my hair... it was GREAT. Although it means I have to spend a bit more time to stylize my hairdo whenever I want to go out... argh! Well I am an adult now so I need to put a tad effort to look good for others to envy... ;)

Saw frogtopia and Deaf258's poi show... it was great!!!!! Hey, Deaf258-- should I bug Vee too to get those rad pictures??? I want to have them to show my friend-- Bri-- the girl you just harassed on Myspace (jk!)??

This weekend, I have two full days of relay workshop where a Deaf and Hearing interpreter work together in situations where CDI is requested by a Deaf client. My husband thinks I am better at this CDI than him-- since ASL is my native language. He said it is easier to translate from your native language to foreign language than from a foreign language to your native language. He is excellent at voicing ASL to English-- he is still hard on himself about his expertise in ASL but he is just fine! After all, he got me as his sensei! He still gets people asking whether he is an oralist Deaf or hearie/CODA because of his unique signing skill. I think it hurts him sometime when he is misunderstood to be a hearie than a Deafie.
Well, I will be if somebody did think I am a hearie. Matter of a fact, somebody did ask me if I am a hearie in D.C. ... grr... I think I did mention it in one of my previous posts. I will never forget those stuff however I don't hold grudges. So I will let this slide by... (swoosh!)

Pictures from Phoenix are NOW here!

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