Monday, April 17

Stressed out

I am agitated with people not donating. I mean, I have emailed to more then DOZENS of people and organizations asking for donations and... ONLY ONE REPLIED BACK SAYING THEY CANNOT DONATE.

So, Sorenson Communications said no. Local Lions' clubs, local Kiwanis clubs, interpretering agencies, and the very NAD haven't replied back to my email. I am dishearened. I do understand if they said no, but NO REPLIED WHATSOEVER??

I am getting stressed out as well because I now feel more burdened to pay for my interpreters' trip packages and flights. I have found two volunteers-- one from my university, and another from Palomar's Interpreter Training Programs. Both of them are willing to pay some but not all-- they didn't have a chance to save up for this last-minute "trip" and they are also binded in other finicnical situations.

I feel like I am on my knees, scrapping them against the pavement, looking for SOMEBODY to take this burden off from me. The total costs for both interpreters, flights included, will come around five thousands. Ahhh.... (pulling her hair out) but that is NOTHING compared to twenty-four thousands dollars for their salary if they are demanding for it.

So yes-- I am asking YOU to donate much as you can. Even if it is just five bucks! Remember this is not for me directly-- this is for my interpters so they can GO and do their volunteer which is helping me being an equal to all other students. Help them to help me...

I never feel SO ... disadvantaged just because I am Deaf until this situation came up. I cannot be allowed to travel something just because I am Deaf. The irony is that for international cuisines, the company is required to provide a sign language interpters for deaf onboard. THEY ARE PAYING INTERPS FOR LEISURE YET they won't provide me interperters for educational purposes?!?!??!?!?!??! I am living in post-DPN era where I do expect fair and equal rights/privelleges as hearing peers... I guess I am too spoiled to expect that I shouldn't pay any interpreters for a three-weeks course aboard. That's life-- Hearing people still don't treat us as equals. F'k them. I should know better to not expect anything from them.

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