Saturday, May 13

Burned out.

I know I didn't elaborate on the last post. I have been *so* busy with the finals and several loose ties to tye up for the Turkey trip.

My finals for Black and WHite Photography and Lithography went well. The class liked my photography project which was portraits of people who have imperfections (which is also the title of my show) that they or other may think ugly but to some other or themselves found it beautiful due to its uniqueness. THe imperfections may be consisted of birth deformations, birth/childhood scars, genetic deformations (Waarenburg Sydrome for example) and many more. I focus on the imperfections and try to portray it as a beautiful thing. As soon I take picture of individual pictures for my portfolio, I will post away. :-)

Lithography final is an image that I have to create two stages-- first one is my original image then the second stage requires me to change my image WITHOUT sanding down the whole stone. So this means I have to use counter-etch, razor, sandpaper and snakeskin to alter my original image into a complete different image. My second stage didn't print well due to a mysterious problem of aspthlum (sp? it is sort of like a tar) didn't lift off well so the ink has no way of knowing where to go. My stone ended up being very scummy. :-( So I lost some images that isn't supposed to be black. The concept of my final is the origins of Finland, before and after WW2 with reference to Karelia, the homeland of my grandfather, which is today in Russian's border lines. So, the first stage is the before-- with the original map of Finland that resembled their representation of "Maiden of Finland." The second stage has the same image of map and the Maiden of Finland but with more gory details-- her arm and skirt are being cut off by a sickle and a hammer-- the universal symbols of U.S.S.R. with the facial expression being shocked and afraid. You can see them at my textamerica blog. :-)

Today I am helping a friend throwing her graduation party (6 years of colleges FINALLY ends with her having a BA degree in Psychology!) so I am still busy. I do have two more finals to do-- One critique for my Advanced Drawing and a brief exam for my Geology Lab. So Wednesday is my officialy last day of the semester.

And I MOVED OUT OF MY FAMILY'S HOME! *finally*. I just had it with my brother torturing my baby and the mess at my home that I have to clean up because NOBODY would do it! I was tired of being a nanny, maid, and protector. Why do I have to fight for my food, my space, my pet, and my sanity?!
But the new place does have its cons. I cannot make noises. I cannot do anything once the roomate falls asleep--- AND THAT PERSON ALWAYS FELL ASLEEP BEFORE 9pm!?! So it is frustrated here as well like my previous place. My bathroom has NO sink so I had to use my romate's but she always got shit all over her sink (washing her special pants or whatever)... so my frustrations are getting high. This summer I am supposed to help her building her new bedroom which is FAR AWAY in the other side of the house so I am gonna put in all efforts in that so by the summer's end, I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT, the noises, the errands, etc after 9pm!

But the most important thing is that I have my own space where I don't have to worry about my cat being harmed, my space being violated, my space being used as storage space, and I can sit back and not stare at other people's mess because it will be all *MY* mess! MY MY MY MINE ME MINE!

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