Monday, May 22

Dust has settled down...

Yesterday was C's 24th birthday. YAY! Had all families coming over-- the brothers, their girlfriends' mothers, my mom, C's mama...
It was nice to see everybody (getting drunk...)! The cake Mama made was GOOD. It got her home-made pineapple frosting atop a layer of strawberries on white cream cake and what topped it off-- cocount shavings. C loves cocount and pineapples so it was nice to see him being delighted with his birthday cake. ;-) I didn't get C anything special. I know he doesn't like to get gifts. One girlfriend of his brother got him a card that said: "DALIA LAMA'S BIRTHDAY WISH" with a Buddhish monk holding up an empty gift box and saying "WOW, NOTHING! THAT'S WHAT I WISH FOR!" That's SO him.

As you may or may not notice but my spring semester has ended. So I got time to kill until my trip to Turkey. I have been read books relating to Turkish women-- how they live with the modern Western values and Islamic values and the history behind the transition from Islam to European and so on. It is very interesting. I am planning to research much as I can so I can make a book about the history that Turkish women went through-- before Kermal, during Kermal era, and the 80s with feminist movement and the impacts it made on Turkish women (their roles, their status, and their clothings).

I already decided what to pack so I am pretty much ready to go. :-)
I am accepting addresses for a postcard to be mailed so send in a request!

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