Wednesday, June 28


Back home after 21 days...
And where do you want me to begin about Turkey?
It has been one big blur with new country, Turkish words (tea-shake-lu-r for thank-you), misperceptions about Deafness, frustrations with interpreters, homesickness, cold and sore throats, Sultan's revenge, and the humidity.
All I can say that I am glad to be back home. Certain elements do ruin my experience but I gotta think the positive things-- which overall Turkey has been wonderful. However I wouldn't be itching to go back anytime soon.

We, the class, have been overwhelmed with visual stimulis and culture shocks, plus the jetlag. We were never given free time or solitude time... we were being constantly marched through 7am to 11pm daily throughout the northwestern portions of Turkey. Nothing worked out, nothing went as planned, and nothing worked! I only got on a computer... three times out of the whole time. Had to use my sidekick (and racked up my bill) to inform C and friends that I am OK, and also use my SK during myhomesickness to rant and rave (especially to vent about the interpreters).

I am worried about commenting about the interpreters because of the possible backlash from either of them. I don't want to deal with them anymore... not even to THINK about them. BUt I know one thing for sure-- I AM SO READY FOR GALLAUDET AND WASHINGTON D.C. where I can talk in ASL and socialize with Deaf and signers and not depend on stupid hearing people who work as so-called "ASL" interpreters for me. I am SO fed up with interpreters. ANY. I didn't like how I had to depend on interpreters... but then I WAS IN TURKEY-- The people were not Deaf-friendly-- They were bewildered that I refuse to SPEAK. When I arrived Dallas Ft Worth Airport (the entry offport for me), I did NOTICE that people responsed positively to me and WORKED With me alone-- if I gestured, they gestured back and HELPED me... NOT WORKING THROUGH THE TERPS! I was SO thrilled. Finally. I DONT NEED INTERPETERS to SURVIVE!

BUT-- I did meet Deaf Turkish people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was only able to catch one person's name out of like seven or six people I bumped into-- (remember, I was being marched throughout the country, with NO time to stop or settle) and I tried my best to read his name which was spelt with Turksih's manual sign ABC (I did study TSL's alphabet before departing to Turkey) and I think that person's name is Uçar Sigard-- THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME OUT AT ESKISEHIR TRAIN STATION!!! Te?ekkürler Uçar!

I really don't know how to talk about my trip. I guess once I get my pictures, I can use them as my springboard to talk about my trip. I am heading down to Target to print my films (and have them converting my pictures into digital pictures!).
Will be back in a matter of hours.
(TURKEY IS NOT A GREAT PLACE TO SHOP FOR CLOTHES. So I might get sidetracked at Target to shop for clothes. Since I had been put off my clothes shopping until Turkey for baragins... oh well. I need clothes. I threw out half of my closet when I moved in with C. It was our agreement that I will save money by shopping in Turkey. Well, it is cheaper here in America! So... I might will FINALLY post pictures tonight at 8pm or so.)

I miss you all BY THE WAY! I just caught up with all blogs I linked and greeted all of my online friends and many more.

PS-- I feel that my English grammar and vocabulary are deteriorating a bit since I haven't REALLY use English (to type or write) and I haven't REALLY use ASL so I have been in a limbo between languages and right now I am out of practice... so PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE WITH ME....

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Tania said...

Thanks so much for sending me your blog!! This is so cool!

Unfortunately I did not run into any deaf Turkish people, but one of my classmates is hard-of-hearing and knows some ASL so we bonded over that.

At Bilgi I am studying religion and history, but I'm not majoring in either one at Northwestern. It's just a fun summer program I decided to go on. It has been really interesting so far!!!

It has also been interesting getting accommodations and such in school...they really aren't very deaf-friendly at all. But, like th song goes, I get by with a little help from my friends.