Monday, June 12

A Peep from Turkey

Okay, today's the fifth day and I finally got access to a computer with ENGLISH KEYBOARD! The Turkish keyboard is very confusing-- all keys are in different places. I was typing like a 50-yr-old would-- with ONE finger each hand looking for the key... so not my pace!
I was able to borrow a classmate's iBook to use the wi-fi internet at the Anadolu University. I have been tried to get online for Clifton but it was difficult with 10-hour difference and the limited access to computer. GRR!
We have been to several mosques (there are thousands of them in Istanbul alone), included Blue Mosque. We went to Istanbul Contemporary Art Musuem, calligraphy museum (where we set off an alarm by accident!), Musuem of Muslim and Turkish arts, Basilica Cistern (AMAZING PLACE!), and .... more that I cannot recollect at the moment.
Right now I am in Eskisehir at Anadolu University. So far I have met two Deaf men... and I saw some more Deaf people on-campus who are students. I was told that Turkish Sign Language is "forbidden" in classes and that they use the oral method. A professor at the so-called handicapped college said that there is NO sign language for Turkey and I caught some deaf students making some faces... clearly the sentiment isn't shared between Deaf and Hearing Turkish worlds.
....Will investigate on this out more as I continue my stay at Anadolu University for next two weeks.

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