Monday, July 10

Doorbell Signaler for Deaf?

At the NAD conference, C and I bought this kit for doorbell signaler (flasher) that costs 150$ totally from Harris Comm. The salesman kept confirming that it can go through walls and doors as long it is not that far (more than 20 feet or so). We wanted a doorbell that can send to two lamps in separate rooms (which is next to each other anyway) so we got a doorbell and a receiver.
And it doesn't even work well.
We only can use ONE lamp because apparently our wall is THICK (or covered with lead-paint as C said since the house's that OLD). SO the whole kit is moot to us because we are in both rooms 50-50 all times so we can miss out the doorbell easily.
We were frustrated until a friend told us about a product known as "x10"... it is quite similar to this wireless doorbell signaler...but a LOT of cheaper and is available at Radioshack.
So we beelined it to the nearest Radioshack to check it out, and sure enough they did have this x10 transceiver that does the same. And guess the price? For the signaler *and* receiever, 48 dollars!
The signaler and receiver offered by Harris Communications costed us almost 150$. Why should we Deaf people get ripped off just because a certain company caters Deaf people if there are similar products out there in the hearing world?!

Interesting enough is that the new product has the same problem as previous expensive products-- it cannot send the signal in two separate rooms. However, both work when putting in both in the same room so something is wrong... so maybe the lead-painted wall is the problem now. We are keeping the cheaper signaler for our next home and return the expensive products back to Harris. The salesman wasn't very nice-- he was aggressive and impatient with our constant inquires about how the system works. He just wanted to screw us over.

Think, think, think up the solutions !! Anybody can tell us what could go wrong??? We tried everything. OUr final solution is to try to stack a strobe in our bedroom with a long cord to connect next room where the signaler is at for the receiver to work.

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