Wednesday, July 26

Europe, Europe!

So far I have broken down our European trip... 2 or 3 days in Paris (Lourve, com'on, that is ONE day alone!), 4 days in Barcelona (we already got plenty of tips to meet Deaf people in Barcelona), 5 or so days in Germany for Frankfurt and Munich, then the rest of our trip will be in Italy as we bump from Pisa and Rome to Florence and Venice. We will have about four days total of travelling on rail. Then we gotta make a beeline back to Barcelona for our flight back home on Janurary 10th.
We are still looking for cheap (or free!) boarding. So far I got a family friend in Germany however I have NO idea where exactly she lives in... C got some friends in Italy... we may resort to sleep at some train stations for one or two nights. We will bring our sleeping bags so we can sleep on friends' couches or whatever. Care to offer us YOUR couch in Europe??
We are NOT going to travel Europe like royal... we want to take the backdoor to Europe and blend into the population by taking less-traveled pathways around the town. So that is why we are not going to make hostel/hotel reservations. It is WINTERTIME, it won't be CROWDED in Europe with tourists. Alot of travel guidebooks said they never have problems (and they were guiding 22 people) to find hotel to provide hotelrooms on the spots. I know it is a bit risky, but hey! It will be quite an experience!!
So far, I like Rick Steve's guidebooks.
"Backdoor through the Europe" is the book that is just right for us. He tells the truth included which areas are pickpocketing, prositutes, yet those areas got cheap rooms. So he just gives you pro/cons to weight in for yourself.
I am looking forward to this trip. Especially during wintertime: the snow... no tourists to battle it out... the warm food... shorter lines... score.

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