Monday, July 3

Hey, what about TURKEY!?

Okay, because there is too much to tell about Turkey that I really don't know what exactly to say so I am going to give you two stories.

#1: Turkish Driving. in Turkey, there are signs similar to America's stop signs-- red, hexagon and a word "STOP"... they use "DUR" instead. However, one Turkish friend of my professor was living in San Diego and recently got his driving license. So my professor went with him for a joy ride... well little did he know that apparently on the driving test, the fact about "STOP" being mandatory was somehow overmissed by the Turkish friend. The friend did acknowledge the "STOP" sign but thought it was an option and kept driving at same speed. Think California Rolling but at 50mph! My professor freaked out and bawled out at his friend.
So. Take that story in your mind as you think about ME... being among seven million drivers who don't feel "DUR" is for them. I already know how I die. Lung cancer (from all second-hand smoke that fills every cubic inch of air in Turkey) or heart attack (from the careless Turkish drivers).

#2-- Muslim bathroom. Okay, we Americans take our flushable toilets for granted. Maybe I DO. I flew into Turkey unaware that the flushable toilet is a LUXURY for the people. The hunt for the toilet was tiresome and struggling. Fought for it. Relented at the end where there was no toilet and I got a full bladder. Basically a muslim bathroom is a HOLE in a tiled ground (once, I went into a muslim bathroom that is marble all over) and a facuet on your side to fill up in a pail to pour/flush your toilet paper down the hole as you finish your deed. However, the luxury of toilet in Turkey is not exactly all as I hope for. You do NOT flush your used toilet papers. Do-do? Well, there is a trash bin in the bathroom stall for you to dispose your used toilet papers. Wonderful. For everybody to see what color/texture/odor my deed is!

So as you can see, there were culture shocks to overcome on this trip.

Here are pictures for you to go ahh and ooh... sorry no pictures of me-- yet!

[On a side note: I met Ridor at the NAD conference in Palm Desert. I saw a lot of old faces along with new faces-- for example I met the inventor/founder of! Nice. C knew him from the Lions Wilderness Camp. *thumbs up* Glad I didn't register. I mingled in the halls for a day alone. C and I got a family friend in Palm Spring (only four minutes away from Palm Desert) so the less-than two hours trip for the NAD conference was nothing. However when we left at 12, it was a difficult drive because we both were very sleepy. :-X We had to pull over to take a brief nap. We finally arrived home around 3am!!!]

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