Thursday, July 20

No More. Banish HER...

This has been killing me since I got back from Turkey. I did imply a bit that I didn't enjoy my interpreters in Turkey. Well. Here is my ROUGH draft (meaning: I *know* I didn't spell right, I didn't correct my grammar, and so on) that I am planned to clean up before mailing to the interpretering organizations she's registered in. Somebody needs to slap her. She won't listen to me, so somebody HEARING needs to slap her. Or just millions of cold shoulders from Deaf community can make her realize her errors.
(Her name is NADINE WALTERS. Watch out for her cruel jokes. She doesn't care about you, the Deaf Client. She does HER way.)

To WHom it May Concerns

I wish to sound off my concerns about a certain interpreter that is certified and registered in your organization. I hope because you care about the Deaf Community that you, as an organization, can help to promote the interpreting standards by enforcing the very ethics and procedures to be conducted by your interpreters.

I "hired" [NAME] whom was volunteering her interpreter services for my class. She wasn't paid any salary for her hours but I paid for her flight, boarding and registration fees.

I was told that [NAME] was a good interpreter and I relied on fellow interpreters' words to confirm [NAME]'s services for my class.

However after several weeks of having her as my interpreter, I realized that she is a very poor asset for your organization and I wish to bring this to your attention. She failed as an interpreter for the Deaf community in many ways that I felt that violated the code of ethics that your organization holds to everybody.

The so-called violations that I felt she needed to be aware and be corrected by the organization were her lack of culture-sensivity. [NAME] was very limited in her awareness of Deafhood and acted very offensive towards the Deaf culture. I can sum up those violation in one event which took place in my class. I was having a friendly chat with [NAME] and another interpreter who was teaming up with [NAME] for the class. I was actively listening to the another interpreter and I happened to use my voice when I replied: "Oh yeah, that's right..." with my hand propping out. I looked over to [NAME] and the first thing she did was to prop up her hand to mimic me and she started to move her mouth as if she was a gopher eating-- to mock how I sound. I was paralyzed with shock at her immecpable action that I just dropped my jaws and stared at her. She proceed to sign to me: "Your voice sounds SO funny!" I frowned and just clammed up and turned my back toward to her. She tapped my shoulder and I looked back to her-- she said: "I just thought it sounds weird." I gave her a somber look and went "oh." and looked away.
How could an interpreter for Deaf mock a Deaf client's voice?
How could an interpreter forget what Deaf people have been through in America's history in academics where they are constantly bullied by the hearing peers, being constantly underestimated, being constantly undervalued by hearing peers...
How could an interpreter think it is funny for a Deaf client to make fun of their "Deaf" voice?

I could go on and on with many other ignorant actions taken by [NAME] in terms of Deafhood (making fun of my infrequent slips of using PSE signs) and narrow-minded to Deaf Culture (frequent jokes about my voice after I told her that I didn't appreciate it) but I feel that single event does sum up her attitude toward the Deaf community.

I strongly impose you to mandate [NAME] to take a workshop (mulitple-workshops!) and/or courses to enchance her knowledge which must improve her empathy for the Deaf community because all of those factors are vital for her job as American Sign Language interpreter. She cannot preform the job of an interpreter for Deaf if she doesn't understand the culture of the language she interprets for. I strongly impose you to educate her and correct her actions because you are her, among many other interpeters, role model to achieve the most ideal interpreter. Your organization is setting the standard for the Deaf people to interact with the hearing worlds which is an important bridge for Deaf people. Your organization cannot afford to be tainted with interpreters like [NAME]. Take actions with [NAME] or she will affect the large numbers of Deaf clients on your list due to her lack of understanding and empathy.
Please. Spare many Deaf people what I have went through with [NAME]. She does have potential as an interpreter but her ignorance will finish her off VERY SOON if no action is being taken.

I impose you, the organization as her mentor and role model, to take steps to help [NAME] to improve as an interpreter to ensure her continuing service to Deaf clientele.

Thank you.
A Traumizated Deaf Victim

(If you want to know her name, go back up and highlight with your mouse after the first paragraph. Something will appear. I don't want to hurt her, but YOU need to KNOW about her so you can proceed with caution with HER.)

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